My 1969 Pop Charts – The First Ones


Just before moving to Singapore (shown above, Our House, in the middle of our street, by Changi Prison) I did 3 more official charts. I’ve also filled in the gaps, after the event from sept 1968 to 1971, with charts for every week showing what I liked at that time, more or less, but these are the originals, warts and all. Warts being Des O’Connor’s kiddie-appealing novelty hit…!

In Singapore, the first record I ever bought, with money gifted by great-grandaprents, was the number one here. Got to see Tommy Roe live years later, after Vic Reeves had taken it back to be a UK Number one – who I also saw do it live. The first CD album I ever bought was Tommy Roe’s greatest hits in the late 80’s, too. I thought it would be appropriate…!

Talking about seeing acts live, I’ve managed to see two of the Fabs (the greatest band of all time) thats Paul & Ringo, best I could manage as they’d already done their last show by now; the fabulous Glen Campbell, still producing great albums at 74; brilliant Fleetwood Mac (70’s version, including Chicken Shacks’ Christine McVie (Perfect)); Simon, and Garfunkel, separately; Peter Sarstedt; Manfred Mann; Tom Jones. Now if I could only get tickets for Cliff, and if he’d only do a contemporary-sounding album…

June 17th

  1. DIZZY – Tommy Roe
  2. BIG SHIP – Cliff Richard
  3. DICK A DUM DUM – Des O’Connor
  4. GALVESTON – Glen Campbell
  5. RAGAMUFFIN MAN – Manfred Mann
  6. I’D RATHER GO BLIND – Chicken Shack
  8. OH HAPPY DAY – Edwin Hawkins Singers
  9. MY WAY – Frank Sinatra
  10. THE BOXER – Simon & Garfunkel
  11. GET BACK – The Beatles
  12. LOVE ME TONIGHT – Tom Jones
  13. FROZEN ORANGE JUICE – Peter Sarstedt
  14. MAN OF THE WORLD – Fleetwood Mac
  15. HIGHER AND HIGHER – Jackie Wilson


    I’ve just rediscovered original notes and charts I did in 1969, as an 11-year-old: it’s a top ten from July 1969…


    1. MAKE ME AN ISLAND – Joe Dolan

    2. SAVED BY THE BELL – Robin Gibb

    3. IN THE GHETTO – Elvis Presley

    4. EARLY IN THE MORNING – Vanity Fayre

    5. GOODNIGHT MIDNIGHT – Clodagh Rodgers


    7. SI TU DOIS PARTIR – Fairport Convention

    8. IN THE YEAR 2525 – Zager & Evans

    9. VIVA BOBBY JOE – Equals

    10. CONVERSATIONS – Cilla Black


    That’s what I was loving around about the time the late eternally great Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. My mother didnt want to wake me & my brother for the landing (very early morning in the UK)! So I missed the live landing but was there for the moonwalk, and they of course replayed the landing footage. Greatest moment in human history. It SO is…..




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