Concert Reviews – The ELO Experience

I thought I might add in some concert reviews as a feature, at the moment that’ll be just current ones, but I may re-visit old favourites at some stage.

First Up: The ELO Experience (Bournemouth Pavilion Nov 8th 2012)

I’ve seen a few really good tribute acts, like T.Rextasy and Bjorn Again, but I tend to avoid them on the whole, I’d rather see a “real” pop star. I took a chance on these though, as the likelihood of ever seeing Jeff Lynne do them live seems almost as unlikely as seeing T.Rex (impossible) and Abba (highly improbable), and like those two I loved ELO to bits, throughout.

Happily, despite just a 7-man-and-woman stage presence they were pretty good, certainly better than some big name acts I could mention who recently bored me (Hi Paul W*ll*r). Some of the songs came over better than others, especially the rockier hits, but even the orchestral ones had a pretty full-bodied sound to them. I could quibble that some of my faves were omitted (10538 Overture would have been impossible to recreate, though the intro was actually “borrowed” in large part by the afore-mentioned Paul W*ll*r for one of the few old hits featured when he did Bournemouth), but most of the classics were done, and done well.

So, in roughly rated order of preference on the night…

1. Livin’ Thing
2. Evil Woman
3. Showdown
4. Mr Blue Sky
5. Sweet Talking Woman
6. Confusion
7. The Diary Of Horace Wimp
8. Strange Magic
9. Don’t Bring Me Down
10. Hold On Tight
11. Twilight
12. Telephone Line
13. Turn To Stone
14. Last Train To London
15. All Around The World
16. Rock n Roll Is King
17. Latitude 88 North
18. Rockaria
19. Wild West Hero
20. Xanadu


UPDATE: January 7th 2016



This time 8 were on stage, and the Tivoli is a perfect venue for the band, they were even better, a great night out, everyone in the band was fab, and a longer set with even Jeff Lynne’s latest lead track When I Was A Boy very happily in the set – working on the very 1970’s-sounding One Step At A Time – and some great album tracks like Across The Border and Tightrope included along with previously-omitted singles like Can’t Get It Out Of My Head and 10538 Overture, all were excellent. The banter was fun, the band seemed to be having a ball, and of course Jeff Lynne, against all expectations is now ELO again, new album (fab) and touring later in the year. If you can’t get tickets (like me) go see this great tribute act, you won’t be disappointed!


One thought on “Concert Reviews – The ELO Experience

  1. Not what I was hunting for but wonderful anyway! Congrats!

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