My First Live Pop Group – Jigsaw

OK, I was at College – Bishop Grossteste College Of Education, now Lincoln University more than likely – it was 1978 or thereabouts, and i was 20 or so. I’d never seen a live concert, bizarrely, but the student union pulled in this group to entertain the students. Actually, I rather enjoyed them as a first small-scale experience. While Jigsaw could only count 2 hits in their repertoire, the sweet soulful If I had To Away, and their forgotten epic pop classic Sky High (even a hit in the USA and an oldie that needs a new breathe of life), they also had a great song wot they wrote for Candlewick Green, and hit in the far superior fab version by Saint Etienne, Who Do You Think You Are. Live, they were fun. I think they even did Sky High twice, well it was worth it! If I was doing proper research I’d check out the main vocalist/songwriters names (the late Clive Scott and Des Dyer, it turns out, Des going on to do many Eurovision UK entries in the 80’s)! Anyway they were good live and good on record, hooray!


2 thoughts on “My First Live Pop Group – Jigsaw

  1. Unfortunately, all my cognition of Jigsaw comes to nothing more than their 1975 UK Top 20 hit Sky High. Great song.
    Was a stage of your College good enough for such a concert? Did they manage to rock the crowd?

    • Thanks Andre, it wasnt a wild crowd, they had had the Sex Pistols the previous year which didnt go down well (so I heard) with the future teachers training there, but Jigsaw came over pretty well, I think they were appreciated by the crowd (its a long time ago!)

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