50 Years Of watching Doctor Who

Helloo, welcome to the 50th birthday celebrations. Not of Doctor Who, 50 years of me watching Doctor Who! Life was hard back in the day, I basically lived in Coronation Street, Mining Town Mansfield. We had outside lavvies (oh those spiders were huge!), pittlepots under the bed (oh the mess when you knocked it over), no heating, no bath (tin bath filled with a kettle in the front room), blankets made from old pullovers, no cars, no phones, old clothes and one expensive luxury item on HP: a television. Heaven! It transported me to magical black and white worlds of  fantasy and music, and it continues to do the same (albeit in colour) 50 years on…

My 12 strongest 60’s Doctor Who fragments of memories, and then a treat: yes, my schoolbook  reviews of Doctor Who episodes age 7, Feb 1965. If the futuristic, unthinkable fantasy world of the internet had existed then, I would have posted my drawings and comments to other fans. I had to make do with my teacher and mum as my audience. Fortunately mum spent 50 years  loving Doctor Who too (and all sci fi) even if these days she can’t hold on to the recent memories, so she was a fan tooJ

Hope you like ‘em, who knows maybe these are the world’s earliest fan boy musings still in existence!

1. The first episode. Susan going inside the Tardis, It was huuuuge inside and tiny outside. Wow! Her grandfather was a bit grumpy and scary!

2. Daleks. Oh they were soooo scary, the exterminate ray gun, you could almost feel it going off!

3. The butterfly woman who got her head stuck in a wall, oh I was so shocked she died. The giant ants were a bit scary.

4. Going to the pictures to see the films: the Daleks were colourful, who knew!? Bernard Cribbins was in everything, but he wasn’t singing Right Said Fred, sadly.

5. The spooky toymaker and his scary toys.

6. Katrina grabbing the handle in the tardis airlock and killing herself. I was genuinely upset.

7. The new Doctor. He was even better than the first one, and Polly, Ben and Jamie I loved them!

8. The Yeti in the London underground, that was scary! I’d been on it many times by then….

9. The Cybermen: Oh. My. God. Scariest monsters EVER. Nightmares!

10. The Ice Warriors hissing evil. More Nightmares, especially all those bubbles.

11. That scene of Victoria stood on the beach as the Tardis flew off. Oh no!

12. The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie: my absolute favouritist line-up, and my all-time fave episode The Mind Robber, spinning  tardis control panel, exploding Tardis, fake Jamie, picture-puzzle faces, weirdness and  disturbing (but fab!)ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Alison Moyet Live At Bournemouth Pavilion Halloween 2013

Bournemouth Pavilion Oct 31st 2013

Bournemouth Pavilion
Oct 31st 2013

Alison Moyet Live At Bournemouth Pavilion Halloween 2013

Still in fine voice after all these years, and back on form with 80’s-inspired (but not retro) varied new music, Alison was an enthusuiastic turn and went down a treat with the audience.

The support act, Richard Walters, was an engaging man and his guitar and his songs, quality laid back ballads for the most part, though I particularly enjoyed his Smokey-Robinson-inspired more upbeat track. Apologies for not writing down the track names, but I must say Richard has a gorgeous flawless singing voice, warm with a wide range. Apparently his songs have featured on many a US TV drama show, and Bernard Butler produced his second album – which for me ticks the box right off marked “good”. If I had a “druther” I’d like to hear the songs set to a band backing live, to add more musically, as I was reminded a bit of bands like Athlete, Turin Brakes, Starsailor and early Coldplay a bit, all of whom I like. Obviously the songs don’t need that necessarily, his voice carries them anyway, but just my preference.

Alison sprinkled some oldies amongst the new album tracks, the audience was attentive and appreciative (especially first single When I Was Your Girl) and Alison was genuinely happy, I think, at the reception each song got, beaming delightfully and looking good. Ahhh, sweet. I especially like acts that address the audience personally, one of Alison’s strong-points there, and the lighting set off the songs well, notably on the re-working of Is This Love which slowed it down and showed off the song in a more effective way than the original (good) pop version did. Her two co-band-mates were great with the instrumental and vocal support (and I think co-writing, programming and production duties) Guy Sigsworth and Chris Elms. I was impressed with the new stuff (I haven’t bought the album yet) it sounded pretty  varied, Alison sung flawlessly, and the reworking of old hits was interesting, albeit a few of them missing, though as she said, it wasn’t a Greatest Hits tour and I appreciated the assurance that 3 songs in the finale encore and that was it – party-time is always saved for the end (my fave Alison hit Whispering Your Name kicking it off, and  Don’t Go finishing it beautifully). So, my faves:

  1. Don’t Go
  2. Whispering Your Name
  3. Nobody’s Diary
  4. Is This Love
  5. Love Resurrection
  6. All Cried Out
  7. Situation
  8. When I Was Your Girl
  9. Only You
  10. Horizon Flame