The Seekers Live at Bournemouth International Centre May 23rd 2014

The Seekers Live at Bournemouth International Centre May 23rd 2014 A 50th anniversary tour.


I think it’s worth stressing that this is the original complete line-up 50 years on from topping the UK charts and hobnobbing with the Beatles and The Stones at awards ceremonies, concerts and TV. The Seekers were big pop stars for 3 or 4 years, hopping over from Australia with their folkpop harmonies on a boat and becoming instantly successfully. Judith Durham had a brain haemorrhage last year, when they were due to tour in the UK, so it’s fabulous to see her and the group looking well and sounding great, Judith’s voice is still pure.


With videoed hello’s from Olivia (saw her on the same stage a couple of years back), Cliff and The Wiggles (honestly! they have covered some of their hits), it was a runthrough the big hits, pretty much, with 60‘s nostalgic film as a backdrop. I’ll be honest, I was probably among the youngest there, the audience very much not of working age, and as an enthusiastic fan commented, the queues for the toilet were quite long but what can you do when you gotta go you gotta go! It’s a shame that the sweet, good-living sounds of the Seekers, and the friendly and thoughtful fans, aren’t remotely in vogue or referred to, given there’s a bit of a folk revival going on and the musical influences on the Seekers wouldn’t be out of place being mentioned by young acts.


I enjoyed the run down memory lane, for me, as their songs were very famous in the 60’s and 70’s, and several had kiddie-appeal (and still do via the Wiggles), it was all very engaging, and it was good to hear some I’d not heard for 40-odd years and hadn’t realised I knew. I was too young to be fan as such at the time (I was a New Seekers fan), but there were also some good new ones (to me) that came across well, so a nice mix. Judith, especially, sounds great and a nice way to say thank you and goodbye to their fans.


My top 10 tracks:

1. The Carnival Is Over

2. Georgy Girl

3. I’ll Never Find Another You

4. A World Of Our Own

5. Morningtown Ride

6. Someday, One Day

7. Myra

8. The Olive Tree

9. Just A Closer Walk With Thee

10. Red Rubber Ball


PS I bought the 50th anniversary CD:)


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