Pirates Of The Carabina – Poole Lighthouse May 31st 2014


Just a short review this time, just caught this show and was pleasantly impressed. I had no idea what the show was about but the blurbs call it a circus show, which I think trivialises it a bit (though it’s the sort of act that circuses have had in the past). It’s more athletic performance art, a bit of comedy, a bit of presentation and a lot of varied and pretty good singing and assorted musicians. To be more accurate, it’s a number of performers dabbling professionally in a variety of the arts, and doing it very well.


They acrobatic performers, it has to be said, are very fit, male and female both, some of the positions they get into make my body ache just thinking about it… Excellent stuff, go see it.


3 thoughts on “Pirates Of The Carabina – Poole Lighthouse May 31st 2014

  1. Or, are you trivialising circus? 😉 There’s more going on in the world of circus performance today than many people realise! 🙂

    • Hi Katherine, thanks for commenting, no not trivialising circuses, they just haven’t been uppermost in my mind (or the media) for a few decades – the image it has is of caged performing animals and clowns, so anything that makes it relevant to the 21st century is great, and the Carabina were just brilliant!


      • I agree – most people hold a dated image of what ‘circus’ is, that no longer reflects the scope of the current industry! (And media coverage has been notably lacking too!) Hope you catch some more stuff that inspires you 🙂

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