London Wembley Arena Paul McCartney Live In Concert January 24th 1990

Jan 1990: Took my mum to see an Ex-Beatle, Ex-Wings legend after a day at Oxford Street record stores shopping and the like, or PAUL MCCARTNEY!!!! as I noted it in my diary. We weren’t too far from the stage, on the flat, but a 12-foot-tall woman was sat in front of me which was very annoying. Tall people should be made to sit or stand at the back, and tickets should be issued on a height-proximity-to-stage basis! Large numbers of old people in the crowd, I age-istly noted (some of them must have been, ooh pushing 50, I guess, speaking now as someone who pushed 50 some time ago!). Not the most exciting concert I’d been to, but it was “certainly the largest collection of classic songs you’ll ever see this century” as Paul ran through Beatles classics, and fab solo Macca grooves, with revolving platforms for Paul and for the now-much-missed Linda, some 60’s psychedelic backdrop videos and some nostalgic eye-moistening from me over 2 and a half hours.

Ignoring a few Flowers In The Dirt album tracks which were a bit out of place amongst the jewels, songs like Fool On The Hill, Eleanor Rigby, Let It Be, and the like, though some uptempo numbers would have been even better, to add to Sgt Pepper, Jet, Got To Get You Into My Life etc. Live And Let Die came over powerfully, and Hey Jude was spine-tingling, though the crowd singalong was somewhat interrupted by a bloke just behind fainting and causing a commotion. Admittedly it was a very special moment for me – my first ever memory of record getting to UK number one, the first to top my own personal charts, and a Beatles highlight – but fainting is going one step too far for me! The encore? Yesterday (bit of a biggie that one), Get Back (brilliant), and Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/ The End. I wished I’d had a better seat, and a delayed drive back to moan about, but all in all… it was one of The Beatles! yay!

1st: Hey Jude
2nd: Live And Let Die
3rd: Sgt. Pepper
4th: Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End
5th: Can’t Buy Me Love
6th: Jet
7th: Back In The USSR
8th: Band On The Run
9th: Get Back
10th: Eleanor Rigby/This One/My Brave Face/Fool On The Hill/Let It Be

Phew! That’s quite a line-up of songs!


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