Pet Shop Boys Royal Opera House July 20th 2016

image (01)Fabulous Show, Inner Sanctum, in a fabulous venue, I even bought a programme and 12″ single, something I haven’t done this century in either case, and above I even managed a photo as Chris & Neil entered in 2 large balls – I hardly ever get decent mobile phone pics so don’t bother as a rule.

The Sun gives a good review with photos showcasing the innovative stage design from the Olympics-designer:…al-opera-house/

I’d add some key tracks off Super were missing (Happiness and Say It To Me), along with many of the 80’s classics and early 90’s classics, more recent key album singles were present and correct, and many oldies were reinvented quite substantially, especially Home And Dry, a pleasant acoustic single that had a bit more depth to it in a new lush arrangement. Left To My Own Devices and others were more playful, not least the end tracks which had hordes of dancers in inflated fat suits, amusingly.

Such is the depth of their back catalogue, though, and the quality of the new material, the PSB’s are NEVER Being Boring (and yes that one was missing too!). I may be biased, but they’ve never let me down in concert or on record yahoo.gif…nd-bff7dca.html

The main surprise is that In The Night (Clothes Show TV theme from the 80’s) hasn’t been done before in concert! That was always the track I liked to play when friends said “I hate the Pet Shop Boys, everything they’ve done” then get them to say, “ooh I like that one, who is it?” before they backtrack about it being neil’s voice they have a problem with.. laugh.gif


My highlights:

1. Love Comes Quickly

2. Burn

3. Se a Vide Es

4. Left To My Own Devices

5. Domino Dancing

6. The Sodom & Gomorrah Show

7. Go West

8. It’s A Sin

9. The Pop Kids

10. Inner Sanctum

11. Love Is A Bourgeois Construct

12. Love etc

13. Twenty-Something

14. West End Girls

15. In The Night

16. Home And Dry

17. Vocal

18. Always On My  Mind

19. New York City Boy

20. The Dictator Decides

21. Inside A Dream

22. Winner