Kiddie Playground Versions Of Pop Songs


Doctor Who was a passion of mine. School-book proof from 1965ish



Pop Songs. School playgrounds. Nursery Rhymes.

Sometimes they get all merged together, and a harmless pop song gets turned into something naughty, little kids love it and repeat it, and change the lyrics some more. Back in 1968 Hermans Hermits had a big British hit with a song called Sunshine Girl, quite sweet and innocent. The playground version was much funnier though (at least to 10-year-olds living around Lincolnshire) and the lyrics went like this:

Sunshine Girl I’m looking down your bra

I see two round things I wonder what they are

Will you invite me,

to squeeze them tightly –

Not bloody likely!

My Sunshine Girl!

If there was any more I’ve forgotten it (please feel free to fill it in, Peter Noone:)

I wonder if there are any 2012 versions, or perhaps the lyrics are already far naughtier than anything kids could invent…?