Bournemouth Times & Directory Friday February 12th 1932

I came across this old local newspaper, stuffed with fascinating articles and adverts, all bona-fide 84-year-old actual “as they were printed” bits and bobs.

As it’s a broadsheet and the print tiny, I can’t scan whole pages but here’s the front top sheet top half…


Bournemouth Times 1932 5a

Note the most important feature of the papers of the day…? Cinemas and theatres! Loads of ’em, even in a small coastal tourist town. The population of Bournemouth is far greater these days, and it’s still well-served by live venues, but cinemas tend towards the multiplex – lots of screens, but many of them small in size, unlike the grand old cinemas.

Then there’s this advert!

Bournemouth Times 1932 raleigh adverts

You’ve got the charming period-piece advert design for the famous Raleigh bicycle for under five pounds (a lot of money way back), and just below an advert for a hot new Association Football board game for young sports fans. I wonder why Ho-mO failed to catch on with such a gay-friendly sport…?